Is God a Truth or Delusion?

Is God a Truth or Delusion?
By Editorial Staff

When one talks about God, one is talking about the Source of the whole being, the Creator of the entire universe, the One Who controls everything, determines their existence and dominates their ultimate destination.

God, according to Islam, is completely different in concept from other doctrines’ conceptions as Islam views that He is the Absolute creator and Dominator of everything other than Him.

Therefore, He is the only True God while other gods are false. This approach is so important to be recognized because it averts from many differences that may generate major difficulties in understanding Islam.

In other words, Islam stresses that this universe does not come into existence by chance or by itself but rather there is one who created, dominated, and controlled it and will continue to be so. This Creator is unlike people; He possesses limitless Omnipotence, Power, Intelligence and all the perfect characters. The least thing in the earth or sky testifies to His wisdom, power, and majesty.

Some people believe that the notion of the existence of God is meaningless, untrue or futile as they may view that universe is going on with natural laws that control its course and it will continue to be so with no interference of anyone whosoever.

However, this belief is dubious because it goes against logic, sound reason and scientific approach. The creation of the universe and its birth into existence have been authenticated by science, reason and revelation, which is the Islamic viewpoint.

Regarding the question “Is God a Delusion or Truth?”, Sheikh Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, who is an international public speaker on Islam, tries to answer this question in a very interesting, scientific and rich lecture.

Enjoy watching this video by Hamza Tzortzis who will be talking about the notions of the existence of God


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