Muslim Media Corporation

Muslim Media Corporation publishes Muslim Community Report and Parkchester Times newspapers in New York City.

With over a million hit and visitors, we provide advertorial services for business ventures in the United States and beyond.

Muslim Community Report covers all topics relevant to an average public reader. However, we are unique because we cover the most misreported and often underreported global Muslim communities. We also work with transparency from different backgrounds irrespective of their faith or ethnic background. We are a newspaper that makes a difference in the life of the readers. Go to for more information.

On the other hand, Parkchester Times is primarily devoted to reporting on news and events in and around Parkchester, and Community Board 9, however it is a newspaper that reports ‘all things Bronx’ as well. We are objective in all of our reporting, with the exception of our “Opinion” section, which is clearly marked. As a community media, we are always open to interns, freelancers, opinion writers and public tips. Please contact us via phone, e-mail, or the form on our “Contact” page with news of interest to our community. Click on for more information.

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