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Research in Islamic Spirituality, Creativity and the Sacred in Culture

Support our work at the Nostalgic Remembrance Institute to research and publish articles and books on the importance of art and creativity in Islamic spirituality. Help us build an awareness of Islam’s pivotal role in unveiling the sacred elements of contemporary Western culture.

What is the Nostalgic Remembrance Institute?

The Nostalgic Remembrance: Art in Memoirs Institute was founded by our lead educator, Dr. Ali Hussain, in December 2018. The institute’s objective is to explore the connection between Islamic spirituality, creativity and the sacred in culture. This emerged from Dr. Hussain’s research on the presence of Jesus in the writings of the Muslim saint Muhyiddin Ibn al-‘Arabi (d. 1240) as well as from his other interest pertaining to the current challenges facing Muslims in America.


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