How Did, Eslimah, an Estonian Modest Fashion Blogger, Embrace Islam?

How Did, Eslimah, an Estonian Modest Fashion Blogger, Embrace Islam?
How Did an Estonian Modest Fashion Blogger Embrace Islam?
By God’s mercy, I found him.

Eileen Lahi, who is also known as Eslimah, is an Estonian modest fashion blogger who reverted to Islam about eight years ago.

In the following lines, sister Eslimah explains who she embraced Islam and her reflections on the decision to become a Muslim.

“My name is Eslimah. I was raised an atheist, in a country of 1.3 million people, of which Muslims make up merely 0.14%. No mosque. No halal food. And close to zero tolerance towards the religion.

However, somehow, by God’s mercy, I found him. For some reason, out of the billions who are wandering blindly, he chose me.

Somehow, on the day I said my Shahada, May 14th 2011, we were 12. 12 of us declared ‘Laa ilaaha illa Allah’ one by one, one after the other. And each and every single life changed.

My Life changed

Needless to say, I struggled. I struggled to find my place in Islam. I struggled with expressing myself and my new identity, especially in all-hostile environment.

Consequently, I felt a need for a place where I could by my new self. Freely. And that is when I created my account, here, in this very same channel. And if I, at that point, thought my life had changed, I really did not know what was lying ahead of me.

Somehow, thousands of women all around the world have gathered around me. Welcomed me, loved me, turned to me, comforted me, motivated me, been there for me.

I am now a part of something so beautiful, words cannot express. Sisterhood. The Islamic Sisterhood.

And through this, God has blessed me with the humbling opportunity to touch lives. And I never really signed up for this. And more often than not, it scares me.

Of course I struggle, will always continue to struggle, just like anybody else. But now I have God, and it’s a different kind of struggle. I now have the everlasting comfort of knowing that everything will be OK.

God defines me. God defines my worth. I live and breathe Islam and I will never be able to thank Our Creator enough. If you found him, then you have found everything, but if you lose him, then you have lost everything.

Just love Him, for you will never find anyone more worthy of your love than He.”

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