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Dear consumers:

We do not mean to spoil your dinner date this evening, but we should all be cognizant of the fact that all restaurants, bakeries and food prep facilities including your favorite fancy ones (over 1,500,000 facilities in US alone) are in violation of protecting their patrons’ health due to rampant negligence of staffs’ personal hygiene. The good news is that there is a new sheriff in Foodtown with strict enforcement. Soon, you’ll be very thankful to us and our investors for making sure the foods we consume are free of contaminable microorganisms from careless the foodhandlers. Failures or insufficient/improper handwashing among foodhandlers are the primary cause of thousands of preventable deaths, tens of millions of hospitalizations and billions of unnecessary health care expenditures. As a result, New York State Department Health rules (Health Code 14-1.71) made ‘Taharah System’ a mandatory public health component. “If we can maintain orbiters in space capable of detecting the tiniest particles in the universe, we can easily protect our food systems from harmful bacteria.” Said Sheikh Musa Drammeh. #taharahsystem #publichealth #nyc #cdc

We need seed investment to complete the prototyping and the application for patent-issued public safety service:

1.Employee hygiene assurance system (US 9558647 B1)

2.Hand-washing monitoring system (WO 2003082351 A2)

For further information, contact me through my website: www.muslimcommunityreport.com or info@muslimcommunityreport.com

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