A Brief Guide to Islam (E-Book)

A Brief Guide to Islam (E-Book)

About the E-book

A Brief Guide to Islam (e-book)Almighty Allah (Allah is the Arabic name of God) has chosen a man who has been renowned for his uprightness, honesty, high moral standards and intelligence.

He sent down to this man, Prophet Muhammad, a divine message to disseminate among people.

The message included a perfect integrated approach that regulates the course of life, tunes the relationship between God and creations, explains the purposes of existence and helps man lead a God-pleasing way of life.

It is a coherent and comprehensive course that covers all aspects of one’s interests and sets aright the human relationship with other beings in the universe.

This system has been revealed by God, the Creator of man Who knows what is good or bad for His creation, to be their way of life.

This religion is Islam, by which Almighty Allah sealed His Messages and Messengers to mankind. He made it perfect and complete and chose it for people as He says,

I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.” (Al-Ma’idah 5:3)

A Brief Guide to Islam

The E-Da`wah Committee is pleased to present this e-book which provides a brief introduction to the basic concepts of this religion, Islam, including its articles of faith and five pillars. It does not delve deeply in the details but it rather discusses the general guidelines of the Islamic concepts related to matters of faith, worship, contemporary issues and the peculiarities of Islam.

However, it gives the dear reader an inclusive overview of Islam to be his first step towards understanding the great religion of Islam. The e-book is highly useful for non-Muslims, new converts and the general Muslim readers.

We attempted to be to the point without excessive elaborateness or deficient abridgment.

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