How Did an American Military Christian Become Muslim?

How Did an American Military Christian Become Muslim?
By Editorial Staff

Islam will continue to be bitterly resisted and defamed, and also will continue to spread and prevail. This statement is not a lie or a conjecture but it is a fact which the global statistics prove.

The universal mass media has done every effort to smirch Islam and tarnish its reputation including playing on words, misrepresenting its divine texts, spreading rumors about its followers and utilizing the practices of extremist and making them a general characterization of the whole Muslims.

However, once the gloominess is dispelled and the fog is lifted, people discover the big lie made about it and realize Islam’s real peacefulness and soundness and thus hasten to enter under its umbrella.

The story at hand is a manifestation of this fact. It is about an ex-Christian American who grew up in a Christian family which used to frequent the church on the weekends regularly. As he got older, he was less involved in church and spent more time with school, sports and so on. Then, during the high school, he left religion altogether and became an atheist as being influenced by one of his teachers who was a staunch atheist. He later joined the military,  renewed his faith and became a born-again Christian.

Then after that summer 9/11 happened. Everywhere in the news and at every social gathering people were discussing how barbaric Muslims were and that their religious commitments were responsible for these regretful events. He was filled with hatred and aversion against Islam and Muslims like many of the westerners. He had very interesting stops in his life but finally and surprisingly he converted to Islam.

Have a good time with this video from the DeenShow Channel and enjoy hearing the story of the conversion of this Muslim brother to Islam. The guest of this episode talks about his both Christian and atheistic memories and discovers the reasons that convinced him with Islam as the best choice.


Source: Taken with kind permission from the Deen Show Youtube ChannelSource Link

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