Choosing a Religion (2/2)

Embracing Islam
Islam opens the door for anyone to challenge its authenticity. It also provokes you and shows you how to challenge it, that you may achieve certainty in it.

Almighty Allah has provided us with guidance to lighten our path and lead us back to Him. We innately lack the knowledge and wisdom to hold such a responsibility by ourselves. Allah is most perfectly Just. He has given us a chance to make our lives full of purpose during our time on earth so that we can be judged fairly on the Day of Judgment.

The reality is that only one religion can be right. Indeed, Allah sent Prophets to all people throughout the ages. Muslims believe that Islam was the religion of all Prophets, which means to submit to the Will of Allah and seek His Forgiveness in sincere repentance when coming up short.

Other religions are called by different names like Judaism and Christianity. However, these names are manmade labels. In the Bible, for example, there is not an instance where Jesus (peace be upon him) refers to his religion as ‘Christianity’. Islam means to live in submission to the One and only God. I ask the sincere reader who believes in Prophets, “Did those Prophets teach anything else but leading a life while seeking to please Allah in submission to His will?” Of course they did. The Holy Qur’an repetitively states that the Prophets called mankind to Islam.

Clearing your Prejudices:

For the seekers of the truth, when choosing your own religion consider these points:

– Allah gave us the ability and intellect to make this crucial decision. Hence, it is our decision and we don’t need our parents, family, or society to make it for us.

– Allah did not leave us to go astray without any guidance. Indeed, He sent us Prophets (peace be upon them) with scriptures to show us the right path. The proof of this is in the various miracles performed by these Prophets (peace be upon them), that have been recorded throughout time.

– Seeking the pure message of Allah is vital as all humans will be called to account for their chosen faith and actions in life, which will inevitably determine their eternity.

– One can only make a fair rational decision in seeking the right religion if emotions and prejudices, that often blind one to the truth, are put aside.

Is Islam Right for You?

You may have never thought that one day you would be able to change the religion your parents taught you about. Remember that nothing is set in stone and you have a right to believe as you see valid. When thinking about Islam as your religion, consider these facts about it:

1- Islam is consistent with logic and rational thinking.

2- Islam opens the door for anyone to challenge its authenticity. It also provokes you and shows you how to challenge it, that you may achieve certainty in it.

3- Islam provides the needed answers for all important and fundamental questions concerning Allah, the purpose of life, and the Hereafter.

4- Islam is supported by contemporary miracles and proofs. For example, the Holy Qur’an that was revealed more than 1,400 years ago reveals innumerable miracles that are 100% compatible with recently established science. Read the book of “The Bible, the Quran, and Science” by Maurice Bucaille who accepted Islam after researching for this book.

5- Islam combines the awareness of the Hereafter with our daily lives making a strong bond between the two, through our sense of accountability.

6- Islam is more than a “religion” in common terminology. It is a comprehensive system of life with a detailed law and ethical system. It establishes systems for worship, family living, government, politics, education, economics and social relations.

7- Islam is based on an established system of law founded on authentic texts (statements of Allah and His Messenger). It is not based upon human emotion, philosophies or religious hierarchies that have no solid foundation in authentic revelation.

8- Islam encourages people to seek knowledge and contribute to the world.

9- Islam provides true equality, solving the age-old problems of race and gender.

Islam treats all believers as equals irrespective of race, gender, nationality, or social status.

The choice is yours to make. Do not rely on what others say or be afraid to forge your own path.

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