Hajj: Any Lessons to Learn?

Hajj: Any Lessons to Learn?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It wipes out the sins and renews one’s relation with God. Moreover, it is a manifestation of the Islamic equity and unity, as all Muslims wear the same dress, repeat the same dhikr (remembrance of Allah), perform the same rites, and supplicate the same God following the same Prophet (peace be upon him).

However, after preforming Hajj, visiting the most sacred places on the earth –for us as Muslims-, standing at Arafat, circumambulating the Kabah, and visiting the mosque and grave of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the question now is: What are the lessons to be learned from Hajj? What do you get from your Hajj? What are the rites that touched your heart? What are the concepts that add to your faith? How do you feel Hajj?

In this video, the speaker talks about the lessons to be learned from Hajj, the wisdom behind the rituals of Hajj and other interesting issues.

Enjoy watching this video to have a comprehensive understanding of the Islamic worship as represented in Hajj.


Source: All About Islam 100 Youtube Chanel

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