How Islam Views Fundamentalism and Terrorism

How Islam Views Fundamentalism and Terrorism
By Editorial Staff

Islam is derived from the Arabic word salam which means peace. It is also derived from the Arabic word silm which means to submit your will to Almighty God. Islam, in short, means peace acquired by submitting your will to Almighty God. A person who acquires peace by submitting his will to Almighty God is called as a Muslim.”

This is the commencement of the below fascinating lecture by the celebrated Muslim scholar, Dr. Zakir Naik.

In his interesting talk, he tackles some of the hot topics regarding Islam, such as fundamentalism, terrorism, Jihad, etc. which Muslims are internationally labeled with.

Dr. Zakir quotes an article on the Newsweek magazine which stated that more than 60.000 books have been written against Islam in a span of 150 years. If we calculated this, it will be more than a book every day. And after 9/11, this has reached epidemic levels, Dr. Naik says.

Dr. Zakir illustrates these terms in detail and discloses the situation of Islam regarding these debatable issues. He also mentions very interesting stories and situations happened to him during his call to Islam.

Dr. Naik also touches on the effect of the mass media on people and the role it played in portraying a perverted image of Islam.

Enjoy watching this interesting talk by Dr. Zakir Naik to know more about the position of Islam concerning terrorism, Jihad and fundamentalism.


Source: Taken from the Digital Mimbar Youtube ChannelSource Link

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