Who Wrote the Bible? (E-Book)

About the Book

who wrote the bible?This book is written by Ahmed Al-Amir.

The book refutes the Church’s claims about the four Gospels and their attribution to the disciples of Jesus (peace be upon him).

This book discusses several points, including:

1- A quick tour in the history of the New Testament.

2- Were the scribes of the four Gospels, disciples of Jesus Christ?

3- The names of the disciples of Christ are mentioned in the four Gospels, but there is neither Luke’s name nor Mark’s name among them. Who are they?

4- The author of the Gospel of John did not know Salome, the mother of John the son of Zebedee, the disciple of Jesus.

5- Confessions of the Gospel of Luke.

6- There is no co-called the original Gospel of the Four Gospels.

7- Were the four Gospels inspired by the Holy Spirit? The Church’s need to claim that!

8- The four Gospels recognized the existence of the Gospel according to the narration of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) (The Muslims Gospel).

9- Dozens of anonymous gospels appeared in the second century and were used in the struggle between the beliefs of the early church fathers.

10- Irenaeus was the one who named these four Gospels (according to the account of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).

11- Polycarp and Papias are imaginary figures of the imagination of Irenaeus that did not exist in reality.

12- The ten papyri from the second century cannot be evidence.

13- Dating the papyri through paleography is a deception.

14- The Church admits that there are forged additions in the New Testament.

15- The early church fathers were influenced by Greek philosophy, and they merged it into the Christian faith.

16- The author of the Gospel of John was quoting from the Greek philosophers and Philo, the Alexandrian Jewish philosopher.

17- Who wrote the Old Testament?

18- The mystery of Loss of the Torah (Old Testament).

19- The Church does not know who wrote the letter to the Hebrews, but it added it to the Bible because it liked it!

20- The disappearance and loss of many books of the Bible.

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