Former K-Pop Star, Jay Kim, Converts to Islam

Former K-Pop Star, Jay Kim, Converts to Islam
By Editorial Staff

YouTube personality and vlogger Jay Kim recently surprised his fans with the news of him converting to Islam.

The news was shared by him via his official YouTube channel as well as his Instagram account. The video shows Jay (real name Kim Jae Han) reciting the shahadah (ritual for newly converted Muslims) in front of the members of the Seoul Central Mosque.

Kim changed his name to Daud Kim.

Here is what he said in the comments of the video:

“Assalamualaikum. Since I became interested in Islam, many things in my life have changed. Actually I am not fully prepared, but I will try to be a good Muslim step by step.

Although I have previously sinned a lot, I want to repent my sins and stand in front of Allah.

Although I am not a born-Muslim, I know that Allah is always with me.

Thanks to Him to give me the Signal and help me to recognize it. Thanks to Him to show me the right path. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.”


Do not miss watching the video:


Source: Daud Kim Youtube Channel

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